looking for a roommate 2013-2014

Started by prettygirlpink7x, March 20, 2013, 06:44:46 PM

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hi my name is sarah and i am looking to find someone who would like to get a 2 bedroom apartment with me. i am hoping to find a month to month lease, if not it wouldn't be a problem for me to lock into a year contract.

im 21 and a business major; clean, can make friends with anyone and really looking for someone serious about school but someone fun as well..
if you are interested in finding a fun reliable roommate please contact me.
845 518 3508


hey sarah, i have a 2 bedroom apartment with one bedroom opening up starting june 1st. it's right in paltz commons on main street which is a 5 minute walk to campus and town. it's fully furnished just may need a few things for your own room. e-mail me if you're interested! ccontelmo19@gmail.com