Started by jonluis, February 18, 2013, 05:46:32 PM

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Hey everyone!

My name's Jonathan, I'm transferring up to NP this fall. So far I am in a group of 5 people (myself and four ladies) and we are looking for another roommate for a house!  Guy or girl - it doesn't matter!  We're looking at 6 bedroom places so don't fret, you'll have your own room!  All five of us are serious about our work but we like to have fun too.  Feel free to respond to this post or you can email me at  If you'd prefer to talk call me on my cell - 9087590169


Hi Jonathan!

My name is Kendra. I'm transferring to New Paltz in the fall as a junior! I'm looking for a place to live off campus and some people to live with. I'm a psych major. I don't mind living with a bunch of people. I'm coming from Albany so I really don't know anyone yet.

my number is (518)369-1299


Hello Jonathan!
My name is Don and I will be transferring as a junior in the fall. I also am looking for a place to live. It doesn't matter how big the place is and I would love to be that next person. My cell number is 732-403-5125