Three really chill juniors-to-be looking to 2, maybe 3 roommates for Fall 2013

Started by n02530426, February 13, 2013, 05:07:53 PM

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We are a group of three friends, two girls and one boy, and we're all going to be juniors this Fall, and are finding it difficult to seriously house hunt without a set group. We are looking for a house as close to campus as possible, for five or six people. If you or you and a few friends are in the same boat as us, email me!


Hi, my name is Kendra. I'm transferring to New Paltz in the fall as a junior! I'm looking for a place to live off campus and some people to live with. I'm a psych major coming from Albany. I don't mind living with a bunch of people or just a couple of people (guys and girls).

my number is (518)369-1299


Hello. My name is Don and I will be transferring for the fall. I am looking for a house/roommates and the setup sounds really fun. You can reach me at 732-403-5125!


Hey, my name is Nicole. My friend and I are transferring to new paltz next fall as juniors. We are looking for roommates and somewhere to live. We are very outgoing and easy to get along with and basically in the same boat about finding a house to rent there. you can email me or text me 6313987408