Adorable cottage for rent for a couple or a professional

Started by Helper, January 24, 2013, 05:31:08 PM

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Nice peaceful cottage available. It's a loft style based cottage where the bedroom is up stairs  over looking the entrance like a balcony. The sunroof and high ceiling bring in plenty of light for those who require the breathing room.
It also has a small kitchen and bathroom with a small space for a kitchen table or desk if desired so.
There is also a small living room area with private door. I can send you pictures upon request of the place.

There is ample space for gardening if you are interested, 24/7 access to a beautiful sauna.

The cottage sits on several acres of beautiful, lively land with a rich spiritual history spanning five decades.

For twenty years beginning in the 1960s Sri Chinmoy held spiritual work shops and meditations on this land.  Over 300 people from around the world would come and attend.  Some of his more well known disciples who have attended workshops on this land include Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin and Gary Coryell of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and John and Alice Coltrane among others.

The previous owner of the land decided at a point she was ready for a new teacher and by chance met Charles "Red Hawk" Thom Sr who was the spiritual lead of the Karuk Native American tribe.  Charlie came to visit this land and after walking around it felt called to conduct sweat lodges on the land and asked permission.  He of course was granted permission to do so and held classes and sweat lodges for many years.

Grandfather Wallace Black Elk of the Lakota Native American tribe also conducted sweat lodges and classes here for years.  Grandfather Wallace is a decedent of Nicholas Black Elk whose experiences were told in the book "Black Elk Speaks."

It is the intention of myself and owner of this property to raise the energy, vibrations and frequency of this land once again and we will begin opening up space on this land for workshops once again in the near future.

The cost of the cottage is $1,100- a month which includes all utilities. ( water, Heat, electric, Garbage and parking)

Available as of Feb 2nd 2013