Room For Rent in Tillson (Within Rosendale) in June. Ten minutes from New Paltz.

Started by Shancan, January 14, 2013, 06:26:26 PM

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We have a room opening up in our home in Tillson, NY starting June 1st.

My boyfriend and I live in a 1,300 square foot home in Tillson, NY which is a subsection of Rosendale and ten minutes from New Paltz.  Our place includes a gas stove, large living room, dining room, kitchen, off street parking, two porches and basement with washer and dryer. We both are graduates of SUNY New Paltz and super easy going.

Trailways and U-cat both stop right at our house which is a plus for anyone who likes to use public transport.

Rent is $420 a month with water included. We've found that the other utilities (propane, electric, trash, internet, and heat) tend to range around $100 or so.

If interested, please contact Shannon at



I know you posted you were looking for someone in January, but I need a place to live from August to December 2013, and I am wondering if you would need someone then. My name is Stephanie and I a female graduate student at New Paltz, and the upcoming fall is my last semester. I also have a cat, she is very well behaved and full vaccinated. I currently live in Tillson now as well. Please let me know if the room is still available during that time frame and if you would be interested. thank you!



Thanks for the inquiry. We're looking for someone to move in sooner than that but I will keep you in mind. We definitely have no problems with pets though our landlord does require a deposit for one.