Started by DDIETZ, January 12, 2013, 06:49:34 AM

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The house is at 26 South Oakwood Terrace which is the 2nd house on right coming from Old Main area.
I have a 5 BR apt on 3rd floor with rent of $575-$595/r/m. Two rooms are smaller so they are less money.
I have a 5 BR apt on 2nd floor with rent of $620/r/m.
The 4 single rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen are $595/r/m
The 4 BR apt on 1st floor is $635/r/m. It has 2 bathrooms.
The 3 BR apt is $630/r/m.
The studio is $775/m (taken) and the 1 Br is $750/m.
Please let me know what you are interested and I will find out if it is available
Rent includes everything except cable and internet. Parking is free.


Hi i am interested in a 1 bedroom studio or apartment as well as a room in any of the apartment houses. please email me


Two of my friends and I are students interested in the 3 bedroom apartment you mentioned. If at all possible, we would like to view it at your convenience.
My e-mail is

Also, when would the apartment become available?


Hi i'm interested in the 4 bedroom apartment you posted about. Could you send me more information to my email at

Thank you very much!


Hi, my name is Rachel and I am looking for a place for next year if possible. Email me at or text/call me at 862-812-9309. I am a very responsible student as well as an easygoing person.


Hi, two of my friends and I are also available in the 3 bedroom apartment. Could you please email me at ?? Thanks very much!



Hi my name is Jenny and I am interested in either your four person or five person apartments. I am part of a group of four, responsible girls with a tentative fifth friend. My email address is I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, my name is Elena and my friends and i are interested in the three bedroom apartment that you have available. Please email me back at

thank you (:


Hi, My name is Rachel and I am interested in looking at your 4 and 5 person availabilities. You can reach me at or at (516)455-1789. I would love to hear more information and view the available rooms. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!



My name is Barbara. I am interested! You may reach me at 347-628-9626 or at I only have one year left until i graduate in Spring 2014. You may reach me by phone faster if you like. Thank you for your time.


Hi I am interested in your 5 bedroom property. You can reach me at Thank you!


Hi my name is Gianna, 3 of my friends and I are interested in the 4 bedroom apartment if it is still available. Please email me at Thank You!