Loft Space Available in Quiet, Clean, Cute Cottage 7mi. South of SUNY New Paltz

Started by Madame Verte, December 01, 2012, 06:42:05 PM

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Madame Verte

       I'm a mature grad student who's looking for a like-minded studious cottage-mate interested in healthy living practices.  Here's a little bit about me, my lifestyle & the space.

Rent is $425 mo + bills + one month's rent deposit
summer bills run about $30-40
winter bills run around  $65-75

The cottage is on 4.5 acres and is on a dead end road with a few houses and there are farms surrounding the area. It is located 1.5 miles south of the towne of Gardiner which has cute cafe, post office and a couple of restaurants.

The space is clean, smoke & TV free, only homemade/non-toxic cleaning products are used (this is something I'm unwilling to change) and as a bonus, there are plants in every window!

There's lots of light, natural wood, plenty of kitchen wares and furniture and storage space.

There's a back porch and bbq area and a screened-in side porch and space for a garden plot come next spring.

The loft is open and above the kitchen and living room, drapes or some other sort of enclosure could be worked out (I've got the tools and know how).

There's a 9yr old non-destructive indoor/outdoor cat and I will soon be getting a dog (who will for the most part be with me, even at school and never left alone for long periods of time).

I am not a vegetarian but do ask that only organic &/or local animal products be kept in the fridge as the norm rather than the exception.

I enjoy cooking incredibly tasty health food, making extra to share & putting funds together for staple foods like rice/beans/butter/flour...HOT SAUCE etc.  Also, have a penchant for baking cakes & know how to cook/bake for the gluten-free folk.

Music is great but I also enjoy a quiet house too & expect for it to be ok for all inhabitants to ask for a change in music or volume without either parties taking offense.

Don't need to be best friends with my housemate but I do enjoy an occasional shared meal & general concern for each other's wellbeing.

I enjoy respectful/helpful house guests & visitors from far & wide (& will have them) but don't like living in a crash pad in any sense of the term.

I'm a former farmer/metal worker, gentle-rogue/traveler-turned-artist tomboy-Lady with a plethora of manual labor skills with tools to go with them & a horseback/bicycle rider.

* Also, I need a roommate who isn't afraid to say what's on their mind with compassion and a general belief that problems can be solved.

All genders and orientations welcome

Email with any questions you may have....also, I'm happy to email photos of the space.