Roommate for spring 2013 !!!!!!

Started by brii714, November 14, 2012, 03:18:36 PM

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Hi again,

Our 4th roommate just found out she can't come to new paltz in the spring =[ so once again, in need for a 4th roommate for next semester !!! If anyone needs housing still .. Text me at 5165248857 . Cool, respectful, fun people that get our work done too !! Rent 480 month, southside apartments!


hey,  i'm a 23 year old, female transfer student looking to split an apartment for this spring semester.  Do you have any other info about your far is it to campus?  are bedrooms shared?  how large or small is the apartment?  It sounds intriguing but I'd love to get some more details, i'm trying to field my options.  let me know, if you're still looking :)


Hi, we're still looking. Text me if you still need a roommate !