Looking for 2 Bedrooms Spring semester

Started by Nicole714, September 05, 2012, 08:21:21 PM

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Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm transferring to New Paltz in the spring with my friend, Rachel, from SUNY Oneonta. We are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment or house close to school. We are willing to live with other people. We are looking for a place that is about $550/person/month.



I am Jessica. My house will have 2 available rooms from Spring semester 2013. The rent costs $500 and the other one is a bit expensive than the one plus utilities.
5min walk distance from both SUNY and main street.

If you are interested it,
Please text me (845)616-5642



please text orcall meat 845-255-8090 I believe I amy have what you are looking for



We have a great place close to the college. It is a six bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, washer / dryer!  Give me a call at 845-532-4113. Thank you, Karen


if your still looking at apartments, my apartment will have 2 open rooms for spring 2013 - group of laidback art students and a baby cat - txt me @ 631-398-2968


hey nicole!! i have a place thats under 500 a month 5 min walk to campus. text me if you're interested. two of my roommates are graduating in the fall and i really want new roommates to move in !! it's two bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room. i play lacrosse here. please text me if you guys are still looking ! 5165248857