Female student seeking roommate/ roommates for spring 2013

Started by Meggpope, October 02, 2012, 02:13:15 PM

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Hello my name is Megan and I am looking for a roommate/roommates for the spring 2013 semester. I am friendly, outgoing, respectful, and clean. I have started looking for housing and if you are interested please email me at meggpope@aim.com



Hey my name is Meg, i'm 20 years old and transferring to New Paltz spring 2013 also looking for room mates/an apartment close to main street as well as campus.  If you guys are looking for another room mate feel free to facebook me (Meg O'Dwyer), email me Megodwyer@gmail.com , or call me 5169960610.  I'm really laid back, easy to get along with, love having a good time but is also serious about my work, respectful and am looking for the same type in room mates so if any of you are interested let me know!
Heyy i'm a transfer student looking for an apartment close to the New Paltz campus and Main Street and also need a room mate(s) for spring 2013 semester.  I'll be 21 in january and am a fun loving, laid back person but am also respectful and responsible looking for the same type in room mates.