two transfer students looking to share an apartment

Started by paigepetrangelo, November 07, 2011, 11:22:19 AM

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My name is Paige Petrangelo (from Syracuse, NY, you can creep me on facebook if need be), and my friend Jimmy Putvin and I are headed to NP for spring 2012 semester. we're down to earth, new to the area, and in desperate need of a place. we'll be bopping around town tomorrow (tuesday, nov. 8) around 3 pm. looking at places and applying for part time jobs.
we're essentially looking for a maybe 3-4 bedroom to share with some cool cats, within 15 minutes from campus, and (hopefully) individually pay around 400-500 monthly.
if this sounds good to you, or if you have any information, please contact me! thanks!


Hey just checking to see if you are still looking for a place.  I was just recently accepted as a transfer, I'm a sophmore also from the Syracuse area coincidentally.  Ive been looking a lot on this forum and havent found to much but a new apartment for 2 or 3 just opened up reasonably priced.
If your interested and or want to talk more message me back at   Thanks!