I know the semester already started but looking for a place to stay :)

Started by kellyannn, August 29, 2012, 01:26:54 PM

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Hi my name is Kelly.

I just transferred here this semester from OCCC down in newburgh.
I am a junior, studying political science with a minor in law. I am from washingtonville, ny
which is only like 45 mins from here, but I am definitely looking to move up here since starting class.

I am looking for a fun group of girls who of course like to party,
so if any of you are what i am looking for let me know :)
You can look me up or whatver you want
my names Kelly Ann on facebook and my number 845-591-6434.


I have a 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony on the second floor in southside apartments right across the street from campus. My apartment is one of the nice ones at the beginning of the complex. I'm a grad student who is rarely in the apartment, 6 month lease. $575/ month. Call or email me 315.719.5731. My name is Erin.