Looking for one cool cat roommate!

Started by telena92, July 18, 2012, 12:11:41 PM

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Hello off campus housing bulletin board,
My name is Tess and I am a sophomore transfer student and I am living in a 10 month lease, six bedroom casa with two other sophomore transfer students and two friendly grad students. The beautiful house is very close to SUNY New Paltz, located on South Chestnut and only 550 a month!(not including utilities which would come out to be 600 per person). We are a studious bunch but always enjoy a good time. We love guitar playing, cooking, outdoor activities, and dancing but also enjoy kicking back and watching movies. If you want to join our humble home you should shoot me an email! or call my at (212) 927 4669. Sweet! hope to hear from you guys soon!


Hey Tess!

My name's James and I consider myself a pretty cool cat, all things considered. (I'm allergic to cats though :/ )

Wondering if you still need another room mate.

Email me at sainthearc@gmail.com



Hi, I am very interested in the offer! I am going into my senior year at New Paltz. I am clean, respectful and fun, and would love the opportunity to speak further!
A little about myself: I am a part of the Human Services concentration in the Sociology dept. at New Paltz. I am clean, respectful, and I would like to think pretty fun! I love cooking, and doing crafty things. Overall, I think I'd be an easy-going housemate.
I was originally supposed to be studying abroad in Peru this semester, but things fell through, and now I'm scrambling with getting a place/job/classes!
That being said, I am only going to be around for the Fall Semester... I would try my best to get someone for the spring for you guys, and I would really love if we could try to work it out.
I am available to come up to New Paltz this Sunday if you all would like to meet! Please let me know when you can.
Katie Tagarello