I am looking to move into OR Co-create an intentional home

Started by Junipercoyote, December 30, 2012, 12:14:52 AM

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I am a nature mentor, newly moved into New Paltz after working out of town for the fall. 
Over the last 6 years I've lived and worked  in many intentional communities and organizations.
I would like to live with intention in a nurturing, joyous, space with others this winter, spring, and summer that is affordable.

I am interested in either moving into a space in a house that is already settled and has it's own culture OR would like to come together with 3-4 like minded people to dream up the space we would like to create.  Rent in the area is also quite a bit-but shared amongst 3-4 people could be quite reasonable-and with the right people-worthwhile ;)

A bit about me- I am a student at the Evergreen State College working on a student contract centered around volunteering, meditation, and nature mentoring.  I work with a local nature mentoring non-profit.  I consider myself a networker and like to be involved in the community.  At the same time, I value having downtime to wander outside in nature, meditate, and pursue artistic creation.  I enjoy community gatherings, singing, photography, travel, farming and dance.

If this sounds good to you, please contact me.



I have one room open in my home for a great student. I am looking for someone who is  clean, polite responsible and respectful. This space is a fantastic space for dedicated students who care about who they live with and how their place looks. This is a truly magical Place. Currently the students here  work together in a cooperative manner to keep the home feeling warm for each other. Looking for 3.0 students and above.The rooms are private with their own set of keys. The upstairs shares a bathroom with 3 and the downstairs shares a  bathroom with two. Each individual follows a schedule with rules at hand to keep the space clean and neat. The living room is cozy and shares close proximity with a nice large kitchen. If you love to cook, you have found your space.
There is only one room available,
so make sure you email me in order to schedule a viewing.

The house sits on 2 acres of private property with a garden and Peach trees. Perfect for those who want to garden and grow their own food. The house is about a 5-7 min drive to campus on rt 208 heading to Gardiner.

There is only one room available and it is upstairs. This one goes for 559.

email me villeg52@gmail.com

Available now

I also have a cottage for rent on the same grounds for 1,100 . It is meant for a couple however , one and a half bedroom with its own bathroom and kitchen