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Started by Madame Verte, June 07, 2012, 12:02:13 PM

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Madame Verte

Hello There Stranger,
         My non-destructive cat and I are looking for a peaceful space to call home while I'm working on an MFA. I'd prefer to live in a space where I'd be able to have a garden, or at the very least work on the landscaping, that is within 10 miles of New Paltz. I may consider a special apartment but I'm happiest with my hands dirty & using my handy skills. Please, no private rooms for rent, must have full use of house and be able to have guests over for dinner etc.


Enjoy a clean, smoke & TV free, healthy house.

Use homemade/non-toxic cleaning products.

Would consider living in a household with 1 or 2 roommates.

Have furnishings & a plethora of houseplants.

If I seem like a good fit, please drop me a line, I'd love to move sooner rather than later.


Seeking clean, polite responsible and respectful individuals who want just the right environment to further their aspirations. The space is a fantastic space for student  artist, teachers, and  those who are dedicated to their studies. If you are 3.0 student and above this place will be one you will want to consider. This is a truly magical Place. The Concept for the House is like that of a Mini Hostel. Where the tenants work together to make the environment work for them.  The rooms are Private. The upstairs shares  a bathroom  with 3 and the downstairs shares a  bathroom with two. Each individual follows a schedule with rules at hand to keep the space clean and neat. The living room is cozy and shares close proximity with a nice large kitchen . So if you  love to cook, then you found the space for you.

The house sits on 2 acres of private property with an available  garden and Peach trees. Perfect for those who like to garden and  grow their own food . The house is about a 3 min drive to campus on rt 208 heading to Gardiner.  Currently there is only one room available for the upcoming semester so email me and I will schedule you in to come see the house.  The room available is a fairly large room with more than enough space to feel relaxed. It share a bathroom with only one person and Its currently going for 595  All included, ( electric, water, heat, internet and cable)

email me

This is one of those great community style places you def want to experience while here in New Paltz.  Its up there like the Gunks or Mohonk Mountain.  Room open since  June1st 2011.

Madame Verte

      But I've lived on communes and in large communal settings, definitely looking for something that's more of MY home and maybe one or two nestmates.

Best of luck,


Dear Madame Verte - Im not sure if we are a good match - our problem would be with your cat - the cats we have here are both FIV positiive so they are (though its rare) contagious.  I thought I'd write on the off chance that you might have a similar issue with your cat.  Otherwise we do match fairly well so if you feel like chatting about options call me at 845 - 255 - 1920 because we are a vegan household and we have 2 gardens going at the present time and the yard is insane - I could email you photos if you like.  The house is 7-8 miles from New Paltz on Route 208 across from an apple farm and farm stand.  2 of us are artists and the 3rd is a writer.  The house is over 100 years old and the landlords are the descendants of the man who built it.  Perhaps your cat could live in your big room?  no maybe thats crazy - anyway give a call if you're curious - Im available mostly in the afternoons and up until midnight.  good luck - Stacy

Madame Verte

Hi Stacy,
          I've found a wonderful place just down the road from you off Marabac, maybe we'll run into each other one of these days.  Hope you found the right person.  Post important FYI, my cat is FIV negative.