1 BR for rent in 6 br house $475 a month

Started by jetspsyco10, October 12, 2012, 08:46:25 PM

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$475 a month for rent plus utilities (easily and cheaply split 6 ways) for 1 bedroom in a great 6-bedroom house in New Paltz.  Spacious driveway, 2 bathrooms with 1 full bath, washer dryer, 1 full kitchen and 1 mini-kitchen, and driveway.  Looking to sublet as of January 1st because I will be graduating in December.  Honestly the best place I've lived in while in New Paltz, and great roommates.  Contact me at 631-897-2721 any time between 4PM-9PM on weekdays, any time after 12PM on weekends.


Hi, i am interested in talking to you regarding the room you have for rent. i am a junior her at NP. brianciarlante@gmail.com 845-706-5738


Brian Ciarlante


interested in the apartment if it is still available. contact me at  colin.hanns@gmail.com