Really relaxed guy in desperate need of a place

Started by JamesWarr, July 30, 2012, 07:33:57 PM

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My names James

I found out today I can't move into the place I had set up in the fall, so really looking for a spot now.
I'm an easy going Creative Writing major who likes to have fun, to cook and clean. Is okay with parties, is okay with no partying.

Please, please please, if you need to fill a place in new paltz with a reliable and flexible tenant/room mate/new friend, email me at:

or text at 516- 351- 7113


Hi James,

Please call me. I have a room for rent 3 miles from SUNY campus.  Do you have a car?



If you are still looking we have rooms available. Please call 845-309-4080 to see the house!


Hi I have a room available
It is $440 a month and located in the town of new paltz
Let me know
My name is michelle
646 4839335


If you still need a place, give me a call at 845-300-6911, mine is for a commuter but very affordable and clean.


Please call 845-255-8090 if you still need housing    Valerie