Bedroom in Large House Available

Started by agfree, June 07, 2012, 06:57:51 AM

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Hello, I  own a house in Gardiner just 7mins. from New Paltz Campus by car or a few more by bike. I have a nice room in my house which is large and peaceful and I am often not around for stretches of time. There would be no other housemates so lots of quiet time to yourself. It is a beautiful area with wonderful views. I am looking for a single person with no pets but I can consider one.

Private bathroom, large closet

Views of the mountains, shops and farmer's markets, a large grocery store, all kinds of farming in the neighborhood, quiet and great for study.
675$ a month with all utilities included. All spaces are are in great condition with great water, a healthy environment, no mold, no flooding, just painted and clean with outdoor space.

If you are still looking please give me a call so I can better explain these spaces to you. I will be away from the internet for a bit so please call.
845 633 0504
Thanks, Antonia