Music Therapy transfer, looking for fellow musicians/artists

Started by Paul, June 04, 2012, 09:14:01 PM

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As a musician (with a lot of toys), I'm inclined to prioritize the opportunity to make noise above all else.  That's why I'm looking for others with the similar interests, so there's no bad blood.  I'm messy in my own surroundings, but make sure to keep common areas spotless. Looking to move in by mid August, although earlier if necessary.  I am also a very serious student.  Smokers are ok, although preferably cigarettes outside.  Someone please contact me!


Hi, I'm looking for a room for fall and possibly spring semester. I'm a serious student, 20-yr-old female. I don't exactly consider myself a musician although I try to play guitar a little, but I definitely enjoy listening to music and wouldn't mind it. I'd like to know what the rent costs would be and the address. Thanks!


Hey!! I think you'd be perfect! I'm a music therapy student too!

Hello, I just copied and pasted my post-

We need a male or female roommate for next year to live with 2 females!  I'm a music student and my other roommate is an art student!  She is a senior and I'm a senior starting grad school in the spring!  We are fun, sweet, and clean girls!  We like to do our work during the week and then go out on the weekends sometimes.  We need a new roommate asap because the person who was supposed to move in couldn't!  Here are some details...

-Rent is 650 per month not including cable and electricity (but that is pretty cheap)
-Lease goes from Aug 1st 2012 to Aug 1st 2013
-5 minutes from campus
-3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom but it's pretty spacious for an apartment
-We have all the appliances, dishes, and everything so you don't need to buy any of those
-Parking, garbage, snow removal, lawn services included!

Just email my and my roommate at and if you are interested so you can stop by and check out the place and meet us!  Or you can get in touch with our landloard at 845-255-8090. :))


If you haven't found something yet, we are looking to fill a room!
Rent is $300+utilities, 15 minutes from campus.
One male, two females.
I am a double art major, she is a creative writing major, and he is public relations major.
You will have NOOOO trouble will noise or creativity in this house!
Good Luck!