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Started by 6Mohonk, November 01, 2011, 12:38:59 PM

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One bedroom at 6 Mohonk Avenue will be available to rent starting in Mid-December. Looking primarily for students of SUNY New Paltz. The house is about a 5-7 minute walk from campus. Email me for questions regarding rent/utilities as well as if you are interested in seeing the room.


Hi, hows it it going? My name's Justin Ciaramella and I just got accepted to Suny New Paltz for the spring semester. I'm going in as a transfer student and looking for something outside campus. I read your post and I'm interested, If there is still a room for rent, can you send me more info on the costs and I may be coming up to New Paltz on Friday if i can see it. Email me or give me a call, my cell # is (914) 815-6263.


Hey, im interested in the room. Whats the rent, when can i check it out etc...


Hello, I'm Shauna, and I am very interested in your room for rent. When can I see it, and what does it cost?


Hey my names Nicole, can you let me know more of the details? email me at thanks!


hi,this is binbin.I am interesting in this room ,my phone number is 646-280-7876.


Hi! My name is Dariel and I am transferring to SUNY New Paltz for the spring semester. If you could email me at with some details about the room rent and utilities as well as the other roommates I would appreciate it. Thanks!


I'm interested in your room. I'm graduate student in SUNY New paltz. I would be grateful if you email me for geeting more


Hey.  My name's Nick.  I'm interested in getting more details about the rental if it's still available.  I will likely be in New Paltz after Christmas to check out apartments.  My email address is


Hi I'm Glen,

I'm 24 from Melbourne, Australia. I just moved to New York, I'm living in NYC but I'm looking to move out to New Paltz to be near some friends.

I've got some savings behind me so I can offer some months up front if you need it. Just need to know what the rent/month is.

I would love to come and have a look at the room next week sometime. I'll be in New Paltz Wednesday and Thursday next week so let me know if a time on either or those days suits.
You can call me on 631-512-7137 or reach me at 24hours a day if you need any other information.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Glen Sage