Two Female Students Looking for Third Female Student to Share 2 Bedroom Apt

Started by alyssa7, October 22, 2012, 09:42:13 PM

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My name is Alyssa, I have space in a 2 bedroom apartment that is 5 minutes from the New Paltz campus. The space is available in a SHARED ROOM. The rent is $345 (it may go up about $20 when we renew the less) per month, plus utilities (which is about $50 each month). I am a grad student, and my roommate is a sophomore. We like to go out, but we also are hard workers. We keep our apartment fairly clean, and hope our new roommate would also. If you are interested in the space, I can send you pictures of the apartment. If things seem to work out, we can set up a time to meet up to get to know each other first. Please EMAIL ME because it is the best way to contact me.


Hey Alyssa! I just found out that I got accepted to the Grad School at New Paltz. I'm looking for a place to live this upcoming Spring semester. I'd love to know more about your apartment. I also emailed you. Thanks :-)