2 Roomates Need $550/month really nice place close to campus

Started by SDome6005, May 22, 2012, 09:37:18 PM

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2 Roomates needed asap for a nice house
Requirements: To be clean(such as picking up after yourself)..pay you bills on time
5 to 7 minute walk to campus
Lease details
June 1st to May 30
$550/month without ultities.
assign parking....washer/dryer/ full kitchen/ 2 baths/garbage pickup/ snow removal. 2floors
first/last month rent upfront and security deposit of 550$ which you get back end of the lease assuming you didn't break anything
Very spacious house split with 4 roommates in total (2 roommates on board now need 2 more)
Beautiful place
Utlitites are very cheap, and can be cheaper depending how conservative you are...leaving tv on etc..(raises bills)

If you think you can  work with this text or call me asap