Male transfer student looking for place for Spring

Started by mtbt92, November 02, 2012, 04:12:28 PM

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Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I'm transferring as a junior. I'm gay, so I'd like to live with girls (or open-minded guys). I'm a reserved person so basically you can't tell my sexuality just by talking to me haha.

I don't party, but I don't mind roommates that do, as long as we don't host ragers all weekend.

Flexible with rent and utilities. I'd like to stay close to campus. I'm also allergic to cats so I can't live with someone who has a cat obviously.

I'm double majoring in theatre performance and math education and minoring in music, so keep in mind that I sing in the shower and around the house haha. ;)

Either reply here or shoot me an email at

Thanks! :D