1 bedroom for rent less than a mile from campus

Started by paige.f.p, May 06, 2012, 10:43:23 PM

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relaxed vibe here at 50 North Manheim, about .7 miles away from Newpz campus (15 minute walk, tops). plenty of room to park if you've got a car. 2 cats that are here to stay (but we're not interested in any new pet additions). the house is shared between five upperclassman, we're losing the sixth to grad school. it's a very nice house, two full baths, huge kitchen and living room; previously a family home. the house is fully furnished and applicanced (if that's a word), so you'd only need a bed and such for your room. the back deck is pretty sweet, we have both a front and backyard, and a gas grill. washer/dryer access in the basement.

we all get along really well, and we're hoping to find a new housemate who is easy to get along with and who is down to hang out.

to get to the important stuff;
rent is $620/month, but that also includes heat and water. our utilities consist of electric (it varies), garbage ($6/mo) and internet ($9/mo). the lease is one year beginning June 1st, 2012. to claim your room for the year, our landlord would need first months rent ($620) plus a deposit of $600, so that's $1220 to seal the deal.

spring '12 was my first semester (I transferred), I personally love living here, and will be for the next year. I've met a lot of great people and had many a good time in this house. more to come for sure.
please email me (Paige) or give me a call at 315-466-6260 for any further inquiry.


  Is there a bus stop near the house-I will not have a car.


yeah, Trailways is on main street. I'd guess less than a mile from the house? and a bit closer to campus.