room for rent in 2-BR apt.

Started by emilyx675, May 02, 2012, 07:17:19 PM

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Hi, my name's Emily and I'm transferring to New Paltz next semester. I have a 2-bedroom apartment in New Paltz gardens, and i'm looking for 2 roommates to fill the other room. You'll be sharing a room, obviously. I'm not sure of the exact rent (I will find out the first week in June), but I factored in the maximum you'd be paying each for the shared room. I factored in utilities and cable/internet and it came to $450/month.
Preferably female roommates, but whatever's fine.

The apartment has A/C, wall-to-wall carpeting, the room to be shared is the large room, bathroom, full kitchen, and I will be bringing a lot of furniture with me for the living room. We are responsible for the electricity, heat, and cable/internet (which I factored into the $450).
I'm going to be a junior, psych major, and I'm very neat, easygoing, responsible and clean, and I will respect your property :)

No pets, and no cigarette smoking in the place.

You can email me at for more info :)