Looking for a place to live or roomates to find a place to live

Started by abcirenza, April 10, 2012, 05:03:48 PM

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My name is Alessandra, I will be a Junior next semester and I just transferred to New Paltz this year. I'm responsible and very easy going and easy to get a long with. I'm looking for either a room to live in or 2 people to move into a 3 bedroom apt with me that my landlord now has for rent. you can reach me at 9179927482. call or text.  :)


Hey, please email me if you guys are still looking for a room mate, email is Jbiunno92@gmail.com


Hi I'm Brandon also another Junior transfer student. If you are still searching for an extra roommate please email me at iambrandonlol@yahoo.com



   I am looking for a place to live too. Text me or email me if you still need a roommate! 845-853-3449  or Kuhn11@earthlink.net




hello i'm nicolette i'm transferring this fall i'm looking for a roommate and a place to live  8)
my email is nicolettecannavale@gmail.com