Apartment for Rent/2 BR/Paltz Commons

Started by LizKatie, October 12, 2012, 01:32:46 PM

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Hey guys! We are looking to rent our apartment from January 1 to July 30. It is located in Paltz Commons right on Main Street in New Paltz, about a 5 minute walk to campus. It has two large bedrooms, spacious living room, kitchen and small dining area. It is $625 per person, propane and electric not included, although both are fairly cheap. We also have several furniture items for sale if interested! Please contact us here, email or phone.
Thanks!  :)
Katie 516-659-6528   n01757171@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu
Liz 917-428-7415    n01791863@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu