Convenient Room Sublet just for Summer

Started by Yoshi, April 09, 2012, 06:34:40 PM

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I'm looking for somebody living in my room just over summer. I'm going to be out of New Paltz just in summer.

Place: 18 Joalyn Rd New Paltz, NY 12561

There's a shortcut to go to SUNY New Paltz. Near from Shop Rite, Stop&Shop, McDonald's, Rite Aid, etc.

Rent: $585 per a month.
* Please consult about rent with me. For example, if you live here for 3 weeks and I live here for 1 week, why do you need to pay one month rent? If such situation happens, let's calculate fairly.

FROM somewhere from May 16 to June 1
TO August 24 or earlier.

Utility: all included (gas, electricity, wire/wireless internet)

About the House: You can use one comfortable room by yourself. Kitchen and bathroom are shared by only two people including you. There are washing machine and dried down stair so you never waste time to wash your clothes. Very calm and cool in summer.

Parking Lot: You can park right in front of the house.

You can email me at to ask any kind of question about the house, rent, etc without hesitation.