Looking for Roomie! 2 BR house.

Started by N01876633, March 13, 2012, 12:56:14 AM

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Hello Students and everyone else!

My room mate will be leaving after a comfortable 2 year stay in our two bed room house, just 2.5 miles outside of the village. Rr 32 North, before Old Kingston Rd/Horsenden rd.

I am looking for a FEMALE, preferably a senior, graduate student or alumnae to come live here. One who understands the value of hard work, one who is mature and responsible, and one who can make both sacrifices and compromises. I will not be attending NP as I will be graduating this may, but I am going to be working full time and love it here so much, moving would be too expensive anyways.

Rent totals: $1100/mo. So it would be $550 for half. Heat and hot water included in this price.
TV is Direct TV: as of now we just payed $85 for it, but I am willing to change providers this August if need be, to lower our costs.
Electric is separate. We pay about $100/2 months. So it boils down to $50 a month or so.
Plenty of parking. Landlord removes trash.
No dishwasher (sorry ! The sink is split so we have our own sides :P)
No washer and dryer (sorry again, but it really isn't the end of the world. :) )
Pretty new carpets.
New bathroom mirror.

No complaints, its not perfect but its comfortable!

The commute is 3-10 minutes to campus depending on how long the light at mobile takes :P

I am going to lay it out here that I am a devout Christian, so I would prefer an open minded woman, or one with similar beliefs. I enjoy going out, having a great time, but no smoking, and no wild parties are allowed here (unless we agree upon it randomly!)... This house is a cozy home. No pets, but we've had cats here since september with the OK from Landlord. I kind of want a bird :P

Oh and my landlord is a CHILL hippie-greek-musician;D

whewwww. Okay, with that said. my email is nicole.coscio33@newpaltz.edu. Please inquire through there if you have any questions. I will receive it almost immediately.

Photos of the empty apartment will be attached. :) Thank you very much!