3 Bedrooms Available

Started by mjn9261, March 04, 2012, 08:03:22 PM

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My roommate and I are moving into a 5 bedroom apartment and looking for 3 people to share it with us. We would prefer a group of 3, so we won't have to ask to have it shown several times. It's on South Oakwood Terrace and rent is $600 a month which includes everything except cable & internet. It's a year lease which starts May 25th. There's off-street parking if you have a car, but it's literally a 30 second walk to campus. We'll both be Seniors and we're both girls, but age/gender of our roommates doesn't really matter. As long as you promise to wash your dishes I'm sure we'll get along fine  ;)



My name is Amanda, I have two other friends who would totally be interested! We would just have to meet you guys and get to know you a little bit first!! My number is 917-572-6933 if you want to call or text me sometime!