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I'm looking for two roommates for the fall semester! I want to get a two bedroom apartment at southside. I would pay $600/month so that I have the single room. The larger bedroom has two closets and is made for two people.

I play soccer (club), go to the gym everyday, and I love the bars and partying but not excessively.

So let me know if you're interested!

I'm Isabella or Izzy.. whatever you like
So... I'm looking to get a house or an apartment for the fall semester. One or two roommates would be awesome!
I haven't really looked around for a place yet because I want to make sure I find people to live with.

Also, we'd be set on furniture.

I like partying, totally a pro at pong, but I'm not nuts. Also, I play soccer and work out every day.

Just e-mail me or text me at 845.546.3102 if you're interested or want to know anything else.