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Hello! We are Dylan (they/them) and Kacey (they/them), and we are currently looking for a third housemate. The house we will be renting in June (a one year lease) is right across the street from Studley theatre on Plattekill, so it is seconds away from campus! It is a very nice home, with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a decent yard, hardwood floors, and space for another car. There's no washer/dryer but it is close to two different laundromats. Rent is $750 with ALL utilities included.

We are looking for a housemate who:
- Is trans or trans-affirming
- Stays up-to-date on covid and follows appropriate protocols
- Takes initiative on cleaning common spaces (we don't care what your room looks like lol)
- Is comfortable living with a well-trained dog
- Preferably doesn't have a cat (sorry, Dylan is allergic)

Please message me if you are interested, and/or share this with anyone who might be of interest. You can reach me (Dylan) at too. Thanks!