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Hi! I'm Brittney, I am going into my 4th year. I transferred into NP in my 3rd year after attending SUNY Herkimer. When you first meet me in person I'm very shy then ill open up over time. I love anime and baking. I'm Looking for a possible dorm-mate or a roommate. sadly I have yet to find an apartment. for an apartment, id prefers to keep it under $1,000 per month in total. If Interested please text me (518)-429-8873.
Hi! my name is Brittney Im coming in as a Transfer.. My Major is early childhood education with a concentration in History.. i am shy at first then will open up when i get to know you.. i am looking to have a roommate on a place (havent one one yet) $1000 dollars or less.. i enjoy baking..feel free to Text me my number is 518-429-8873