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Hello, my name is Sophia Correa. My housemate and I are very interested in your listing, but we see that you offer the apartment for 4-5-month leases only. We are looking for a place to lease for the summer and our last semester of school (from June-December 2022). Would it possibly be available for that time frame? If not, we could make 5 months work if the apartment would be available from the beginning of August through the end of December. Please let me know about the availability. Thank you!

Hi! We are Sophie and Christiana, two 4th-year SUNY New Paltz undergraduate students. We both have one extra semester of school, so we are looking for a place for the summer and the fall semester (from June-December 2022). We are interested in both month-to-month leases and 2-person or 3-person sublets (we have another friend who is open to moving with us). We are friendly, neat, and considerate tenants. If you or someone you know has any potential offer, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 917-215-4505 / (Sophie) - 929-384-3180 / (Christiana)

Thank you!

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