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Hello!  Me and my two housemates are all students at SUNY New Paltz going into our senior year this fall.

We are looking for 3 bedroom apartments or houses, preferably with a one year lease starting in June 2016. 

If you have a place that fits this description, you can email me at


We are a group of 3 looking for any number of roommates because 3 bedroom places are apparently hard to come by.  So if you wanna live with us, combine our groups, it may be easier/cheaper to find a place for more people!  (We know of a couple 4, 6, and 7 bedroom houses available.)

If you're interested, contact me at

Two roommates and I are looking for a place to live for a 1 year lease starting June 1st.  We are preferably searching for a 3 bedroom place to rent, but we are in the process of looking for a fourth roommate if necessary.

I can be contacted at