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So I am graduating in May, and activity looking for jobs but no bit yet so not sure on where we will be living or need to relocate when I get a job so a month to month place would be preferred, possibly a summer sublet. It would be for my boyfriend and I, preferably with everything included and out own place but a room in a two or three bedroom apartment might be okay.
Shoot me an email if you ahem anything
I am looking to sublet my room in a house. It is $575 a month with everything included. It would be from June to next August.
Hello! I was looking to sublet my place and give up my lease starting in June, and the lease runs August to August officially. It's 1 room in a house, $575 everything included, on the bus route. Send me an email if you're interested
How much is it a month and when does the lease start?
I no longer can stay at the place i signed a lease for next year for personal reasons so i will be subletting it for the year. email me at for info!
For Rent in New Paltz / Summer sublet for June/July
March 23, 2015, 12:46:41 PM
I am subletting my room in a 6 bedroom/2 full bathroom house for June/July. The rent is $615 a month and includes all utilities (including cable and internet).There is a washer/dryer in house as well as a dishwasher. A living room with a tv and cable box and an eat-in kitchen. Plenty of parking as well. There is also cable in the room. Only one maybe two roommates would be home, so the house would be pretty quite. It is near college dinner. The room will also be open after that for an August to August lease since I am moving into a bigger room in the house.You can email me at with any interest/questions. Thanks!