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Huge single room located on Plattekill Ave, 4 minute walk from campus! Room included with desk, dresser and twin box spring/mattress (but not for sale). If these items are not needed, let us know. Room is $650/month, all utilities included. Nice kitchen, washer/dryer. Low key and really nice housemates! Month to Month rent, no security deposit needed. If interested, email

Hey, I have a huge room open for the summer for either june and july or june-august. For a two person share, rent is $400 per person. If you wanna rent the room for a single, it is $750 per month. The apartment has a lot of space, and it is right by Main Street! About half a block from the Bakery and P&G's. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in the space! Email me at

There is a hugeeee room available! For two people to share, it would be 375/month. And for one person it would be 750/month. All utilities are included, and it is right by main street! Email me at if you are interested!

Looking for either two friends to sublet a HUGE room, or one person for the summer of 2015! If it is one room for two friends/couple, the rent is 400 a month from late May-August. If it is for one person, the room would be 770/month. Awesome location right by main street, nice porch, everything is included. Let me know if you are interested at!!!

Hey, I'm looking to sublet my room for the spring (Jan-end of may). Rent is 550, the walk to campus is 2 minutes, I'm in a house with 4 other girls, 2 bathrooms, and my room is a single. We have a washer, dryer, dish           washer for free! If preferred, there's a potential for the room being furnished! Awesome location with cool people.  Contact (609) 240 1482 if you're interested, or email me at

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