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I am a single, twenty-nine year old female, who will be entering her senior year at New Paltz in the Fall of 2012.  I am looking for a studio apartment (possibly with all utilities included).  I do not drink, smoke, or own a pet.  If anyone has such a place, please feel free to respond here, or e-mail me at,

I am currently looking for a one bedroom apartment to rent while I finish up my last college semester( fall '12).  I am hoping to pay between 600 and 800 a month--utilities included would be ideal.  I am a responsible, clean, 29 year old female, who would like to live alone. I do not mind if the apartment is above a business, in a complex or, the top/bottom half of a house.  If anyone has an apartment for rent in either May or June 2012 that meets my description, please comment.  Thank you.