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 Hi my name is Stacey and my roommate Kristien and I are looking for a third roommate (preferably female ). We are both transfer students and will be starting this fall. We have a 3 bedroom house located 8 -10 mins away from campus. If you don't have a car there is a bus stop really close by. If you do have a car there is off street parking for all tenants. The price is 475/month  for the medium size room and utilities average around 125 per month. So total would be around 600/month. Utilities include cable, wifi, heat, hot and cold water, high efficiency washer and dryer (no extra cost). There is also a dishwasher, and back yard. The outside maintenance is taken care of by the owners and garbage removal. If interested you can email me at or Kristien at and we can discuss any further details, you can also ask Kristien and I any questions that you may have. :D
hi my name is stacey and myself and 2 other girls are interested in the house you can reach me at this email
Hi my name Stacey and my roommate Kristen and I are both going to be transfer students in the fall. We are looking for another girl to fill the third room of a house we found. Its 10 min away with reasonable pricing. If interested you can reach me at this email or post here. Kristen is available at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have :]
Hi I'm searching for apartments and possible roommates as well. If interested you can email me at :]
 Hi my name is Stacey. I will be a junior transfer student in the fall and I'm currently searching for apartments. I'm also looking for roommates (girls only sorry). I'm an art education major dedicated to my work but chill as well :]. I'm not picky on the type of apartments but I am looking for a place that is fairly close. If interested you can reach me by posting here or emailing me at