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We're looking for a male housemate to have his own room in our 4 Bedroom house located right by Asian Fusion for the 2014-2015 year. The house is really nice and has a lot of character. There are 2 full bathrooms, though one with a shower and one with a tub. Theres a back deck which would be great for BBQs and stuff, and a lot of outdoor space. Our group right now consists of two girls who will have their own rooms, and two guys who will be sharing the larger room downstairs. Rent is $610 plus around $100 for utilities. We're looking to sign the lease for this house really soon, so email me ASAP if you're interested!

We're a group of 3 looking for 2 other guys to share a house with.
Currently looking at houses now, we want to live in a 5 bedroom home but need to secure a group first.
We're two girls and one guy, all current juniors.

Email if you're interested!
We are a group of three friends, two girls and one boy, and we're all going to be juniors this Fall, and are finding it difficult to seriously house hunt without a set group. We are looking for a house as close to campus as possible, for five or six people. If you or you and a few friends are in the same boat as us, email me!