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This is my last semester at New Paltz, and I'm extremely desperate to find a place to live for Fall 2013 as time is running out! I'm a Secondary Ed major with a concentration on History. I'm extremely punctual, extremely friendly, and have a budget of $550 a month, but I'm open minded. Please contact me asap!
-Bella. Number: 917-400-0933, call or text. email:
I'm a female, really need a place to live next semester! My budget is around 550 tops, but I'm open minded. My number is 917-400-0933, please call me if there is something available!
For Rent in New Paltz / Re: Apartment for Rent
December 04, 2012, 10:13:22 AM
I'm thinking about joining the intramurals myself. It'd be cool to room with someone who has similar interests to me. Get back at me if you still have room available- 917-400-0933
-Bella Shaulova
I am in real huge need of a place to live this upcoming semester. But my budget can be hard to find.
I'm friendly, open-minded, and extremely hard working, so I'll barely be home anyway.
Please contact me soon!
My email:
Number: 9174000933
I text too!
-Bella Shaulova