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Hey it's Katie- just signed a lease with someone, so disregard this post!
Hey y'all, I'm Katie! I'm looking for someone who either wants to sublet for the summer, just the academic school year or the whole kit and kaboodle! The latter being most preferable, but since it's so late in the game I'm keeping my options open. I live in Commons (144 Main Street) You would get the bigger room and closet, living room and kitchen are completely furnished. Rent is $625/mo with chill landlords.

I'm an International Relations major with a Film minor who is 420 friendly, but will respect your wishes if you are not. Love going hiking and Arrested Development. Also into snowboarding and going into the city. I love to go out when I don't have a lot of work to do, but will be respectful if you have to get stuff done. I work on Main St in New Paltz and will probably begin interning in Woodstock this summer.

Anyone who is interested can come out and see the room anytime. My number is 914 420 0212 and my email is Hope to hear from you soon!
Hey so I'm transferring in the fall and would love to live somewhere as close to campus as possible or where there's a lot of other students nearby. I'm real easy going, not a whole lot phases me- I've had all kinds of roommates in the past haha if you need any references from them that's totally cool.

420 friendly but will respect your wishes if you're not, like to go out but getting shit done is pretty important to me. basically just looking for a friendly, easy going person to live with.

my number's 914 420 0212 so if you're looking for a roommate feel free to call or text anytime

hey seems like a lot of people are interested, but if you're still looking lemme know- this sounds great! my email's