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Looking for either a 3 or 4 bedroom house or apartment for Fall 2013/Spring 2014. We currently live together and mesh well. We will all be seniors looking for a quiet senior year. We are all tidy and respectful of the apartment we currently live in.

***Rent and utilities must be around or below $600 a month per person.
***House must be within a 5-10 minute walk from campus.
***Can be furnished or unfurnished.
***Lease needs to start July absolute latest.
***Having a washer and dryer would be preferred.

email me at if you have a house or apartment like this, thanks!

I'm a sophmore, looking for my own room in a house or apartment.  All expenses per month, including rent, heat, utilities, internet, etc. must be under $600 total. The place must be a ~5 minute or so walk to campus and have a washer dryer. Also would like something that is furnished.

Please email me at or text (please don't call) my cell # at 631-742-9496. Thank you!

Hey there, I'm a 19 year old female graphic design student looking for my own room in a house or apartment for fall 2012-spring 2012. I'm quiet, clean, and responsible.

-Costs per month most be below $600. So rent, utilities, internet, and any other expenses cannot exceed $600 per month on average.
-The place must be within walking distance to campus, looking for a 5-10min walk at most.
-Room must be furnished
-Washer/dryer in the house would also be nice.

Feel free to message me at but only if the house/apartment fits the above criteria above. Please let me know about rent, utilities (per month), other expenses, location, when the lease would begin/end, and any other information if possible. Thank you!


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