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I'm going to be a senior this upcoming year and am looking for some like-minded roommates. I would like to get a share from a local farms' CSA for the fall and love cooking with people and not just for myself all the time. I'm also interested in composting for next year and growing some herbs in the kitchen/communal area. If any of this sounds appealing to you message or call/text me! (585)703-2435.

- Melanie :)
Our house has 2 rooms open for people to move into this upcoming spring semester. Both rooms are doubles (shared) and VERY spacious. Both can fit two double beds with plenty more space available. Both have walk in closets, high ceilings. We are looking for 3 girls to be moving in preferably. We're 10 minutes walking distance from campus, right by The Bakery (YUM!). 3 floors, four people per floor, kitchen and bathroom per floor. Call/text/email me ASAP to get a spot in this fun house!!
- Melanie
Hey everyone!
I'm looking for a female roommate that would share a room with me. 10 minute walking distance from campus, high ceilings, old new paltz house. The room is large, right now it fits a queen and double with much more room for other things. Walk in closet. 4 people on our floor, our own kitchen and bathroom. 3 story house with lots of fun people! Come join the gang at 39 North Chestnut St!!

Call/text/email. (585)703-2435.
- Melanie :D