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Hello, I'm Jaewoo. I'm really in hurry to get a room.

I have to find a room until tomorrow. If it is available, please call me 213-327-8763
Hi, I'm Jaewoo(Marco) and looking for a roommate.

I'll stay this house until May 31 but I need someone to share the house fee.

The house has  one kitchen and one restroom and two rooms.

It is located at 9N Chestnut ST APT #1 which is right next to the Mobil gas station.

It takes about 5minutes to the Business Building.

I'm not sure about the exact house fee but it is about $500

You can visit the house and see how the house is located in a gool place.

Feel free to contact me.

213-327-8763 (Text is good)
Hi, I'm Jaewoo from Korea and I am looking for a room which is available until my Haggerty Language Program ends(17, May)

I wish the room is close to the SUNY New Paltz and the independence bedroom.

Please call me 213 327 8763 or mail me
Hi, my name is Jaewoo Shin.

I'm intersted in this room.

I can't see your mail address.

Please contact me  ->
Hi, my name is Jaewoo Shin.

I'm interested in the room so I want to contact with you.

Please mail me -> 
Hi, I'm interested in thin room.

I want to contact you but I can't find your email address!

Please mail me ->
Hi, I'm interested in the room.

Is it possible for foreign male student?

Ans I really want to know about exact place of the house.

Please contact me ->
Hello, my name is Jaewoo Shin from South Korea.

I need homestay or apartment during the Haggerty English Language Program. (Jan 17, 2012~ May 17, 2012)

I'm looking for these rooms

-> Homestay or apt which offers a private bedroom
    (one bedroom for a person)

-> Can use WIFI

-> And send some pictures to my mail.

Please mail me anytime ->