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Hey my names Jared, I just transferred here this semester and my roomates have plans already so I am in need of a new place to live for next semester.  Im very relaxed and dont mind where I live as long as it is near campus.  I am looking for any number of other roomates as long as the place is within 4-500 a month.  Get in touch with me if you are interested or have a place already or in mind and need another roomate.
is this room still available? if so email me at
Hey just checking to see if you are still looking for a place.  I was just recently accepted as a transfer, I'm a sophmore also from the Syracuse area coincidentally.  Ive been looking a lot on this forum and havent found to much but a new apartment for 2 or 3 just opened up reasonably priced.
If your interested and or want to talk more message me back at   Thanks!
Hi I'm Jared and I was just accepted for the sping 2012 semester as a sophmore transfer.  I am friendly, easy going, clean,quiet (I play guitar but am respectful, keep it low) and looking for a room to move into Jan. 10ish.  Looking to live with up to 5 people (males and or females), for 400-600 a month, preferably in a house within or near the campus bus loop or walking distance.  I like living with others and am pet friendly so would be happy if you had one.  Reply to this post or email me at with any offers, questions or concerns.