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2 Bedroom apartment on North Chestnut Street. Short walk to campus, and right in town, off of Main Street. $645/month; great location! Beautiful main room (kitchen/living room combination), two bedrooms, and 1 bathroom with small porch.  This apartment is part of a larger house. 

We need a subletter to finish out our lease; both of us are students graduating in December. Email,, OR call 631-703-4823 if you are interested. 

For Rent in New Paltz / Sublet for Spring Semester
September 28, 2012, 02:10:26 PM
2 Bedroom Apartment on North Chestnut Street.  Current 2 tenants are graduating in December and we really need a subletter to fill out the lease for the spring!

Right in town, a short walk to campus.  $575/month not including utilities.  Apartment is perfect size for two people.  Call 631-703-4823 for more info!
hello, i don't see an e-mail address on this post...but me and one other person are very interested in this house. how many bedrooms are in it?

my e-mail is please let me know if this house is still available :)
Hi, are you free during the day on Friday for me and another person to look at this place?
Hi, me and two other people are interested in looking at Friday during the day good for you? I'm going to give you a call as well tomorrow.