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My name is Karl Velikonja, I'm currently a sophomore, and I'm looking for two housemates for an apartment right across from New Paltz Commons.

The Rent would be $825 per bedroom. It's a private entrance, has off-street parking, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen, backyard and a possible garage also available, and the lease starts in August of 2020.

Utilities are included in the rent, and no animals are allowed.

As well, there's a 5 bedroom apartment in the same location for the same price per bedroom, and the details are the same, except that there are 2 bathrooms.

I'm open to male or female housemates.

I'm an art major, looking to concentrate in wood and metal working, I don't go out much, but don't mind a bit of partying in general.

Contact me at 3476331439 if interested,


I'm looking for a living situation under $900 a month. I'm relatively quiet and neat and don't mind living with girls or boys.
I have a lease for an apartment at Paltz Commons waiting til I find a roommate, the rent is $740/m plus utilities (overall cheaper than dorming).
lmk if you're interested,

Best, Karl

Hey, My name is Karl. I'm a sophomore art major currently living on campus. I'd love to meet up to get more details and get a sense for the situation. This situation looks ideal for me!


Karl Velikonja

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