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Hi I am a senior majoring in elementary education.  I am looking to start renting on June 1st.  Please call or text me to set up an appointment to view the place for Tuesday. I will be with my family looking to rent.
Please email and call me with more information (516)301-7773 or email : .  I am coming to new paltz tomorrow and would like to see the room if it is still available. thanks
heyy ginger if you want to look for a room together that would be awesome ! i found a couple of places that have available rooms, im probably going to go see them in the next two weeks.
hey i am a transfer student and will be attending New Paltz starting in Spring 2012.  I would love to see the place.  If your available I can come to see the house in the next two weeks.  Preferably on a Monday or a weekend.  Thanks ! You can email me at :

Please email me with more details.  I would love to come visit and set up a time when you can show me the house within the next two weeks.  I am a transfer student and will be coming to New Paltz in the Spring.  Thanks so much !