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For Rent in New Paltz / victorian house near campus
March 07, 2018, 07:54:38 PM
There are three rooms to rent in a Victorian house with a wild English Garden surrounded by a ring of trees only one block from Old Main Quad and one block from Main Street. Two rooms on the second floor can be rented together and share s bathroom and a balcony.
There is one room on the ground floor where there is also a bathroom. 
The three rooms can be rented separately or together.
The house is owner occupied but it is more like living in the same building in a separate apartment than having a house share with the person who owns the house. The advantage is that the owner keeps the hallways and the bathrooms and the kitchen floors clean and takes care immediately of any necessary repairs, or other problems. There is a dog and a cat who are very friendly and well cared for. If you miss your dog or cat from home but are not ready to commit to the full responsibilities of pet ownership, this is a good place for you. If you have allergies or are afraid of cats, it is not.
There is space in the yard for gardening if you wish as well as many wild edibles growing in the yard.
The rooms are furnished but you can bring your own furniture except for the beds.
The beds are new and have bug proof mattress covers. The kitchen has a cast iron stove and pans and is supplied with all the necessary implements and there is also plenty of cabinet space for your own.
There is a driveway with 4 spaces and an electric charging station in the park across the street.
All utilities, including heat, garbage, and internet, are included.
You may question former and current tenants if you wish.